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    8/8/2015 LARRYPALOOZA: The Return of Larry Lugz @ The Doll Hut in Anaheim w/ Broken Patron Saints, Yeastie Boys, Inconsiderate Jerks, Bad Ass, Trip to the Morgue, Rodents of Unusual Size, The Big Problem, Damaged, Guttersnipe Rebellion and tba.  
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  March 7, 2015 We played our first show after a 2 year hiatus. We send out thank yous to The Doll Hut and Lisa Bennett and a big "Get Well" to Rikk Agnew.  
  December 10, 2013 It's finally calm in the world. Poop has new members and are ready to take on the world once again. So get ready, 2014 is going to be our year. We are ready to make your ear drums bleed.  
  July 29, 2013 What is it with drummers? Is it the fact that your parents allowed you to beat on things when you were young? Is it because there is a shortage of good drummers out there? I don't know. All I know is this... Drummers are flaky. Drummers are also picky with most being a little full of themselves. Now, I know what you are thinking... "No wonder they can't find and keep a drummer if they feel that way about them"... Well, then here is my proposal: PROVE US WRONG! If you are a drummer and are not flaky or picky or full of themselves, come and play with us. It's not like we bite (unless we are asked). We are serious... you can email us at manager (at) evilbrowncoiler.com.  
  February 27, 2013 Ok, people! We are ready, once again, to tear this "shit" up.  
  February 22, 2013 Since the beginning of the year, we have had a slight change (not like this hasn't happened before and not like it will never happen again). We have a new drummer. How many does that make now? We would like to wish Melissa and Paul all the best as they journey into parenthood.  
  December 31, 2012 HAPPY NEW YEAR! Well, another year has come and went. All we are is a year older. For everyone who saw us in 2012, we would like to thank you for the memories. For everyone who missed seeing us in 2012, well, you are shit ass out but don't fret... you will have another chance to see us in 2013. Hell, it's not like we are going anywhere.  
  December 27, 2012 Getting ready for Las Vegas... All we need now is to find the boys and we are all set. See you in Vegas on the 29th.  
  December 14, 2012 Well, Christmas is creeping up fast and we have a show in Las Vegas on Dec. 29. We will be in Las Vegas to help Iron Cast Steve (Red Alert)  celebrate his birthday and he and his wife, Cathy celebrate their 5 year wedding anniversary.  
  November 22, 2012 Happy Thanksgiving! We are thankful for a few things this year.
1. We have a drummer (Thanks, Paul)
2. No one is locked up (Thanks, Danny)
3. No one has been killed (Recently)
  October 14, 2012 Well, we didn't win... ah! But we would like to send our congrats to Agent Orange who did (even though they stole our bass player).  
  September 8, 2012 WE HAVE BEEN NOMINATED FOR BEST PUNK BAND FOR 2012 IN OC WEEKLY'S 2012 READERS POLL. Please take the time and vote for us. http://www.bestofocweekly2012.com  
  September 4, 2012 Seems as though some of you still haven't figured out Poop is still together and is playing shows... Just because we have a few little personnel problems, doesn't mean we give up all together. What would be the fun in that? We much prefer to stay together as a band just to continue to annoy you.  
  August 1, 2012 Ok, member roll call... guitar player... check... bass player... check... drummer... check... vocals... check. Well, seems everyone is accounted for so now let's play.  
  July 16, 2012 It's about time we get back to what we love... playing music. WHAT?!... you thought we were giving up?... what are you, stupid?... Oh, you thought you were going to get rid of us finally... Well, HA! You can't get rid of us that easily. Boy, we you wrong!  
  July 3, 2012 Our hearts and prayers go out to both families in the wake of this senseless tragedy. Everyone in the band is truly saddened by this tragic loss. It is going to take some time for this wound to heal.