One Way System-Poop-Thought Process-Knocked Out Cold-Revolt & DestrOI-Pogo Brats @ Shivers in Costa Mesa, CA


Piratical Productions have once again provided Orange County with another enthralling Punk Rock show, where One Way System played Sunday night. The show was originally scheduled to be hosted at The Piratical Warehouse in Santa Ana, but was relocated last minute at Shiver’s in Costa Mesa. Doors opened at 6, but the show began early at 6:30 because of the line-up which included six different bands. Among the bands that played were Pogo Brats, Revolt & DestrOi!, Knocked Out Cold, Thought Process, Poop, and One Way System.

Poop photo

South Central natives Pogo Brats opened the show and brought all street credibility back to Punk Rock.The band played a set that included songs that reminded the audience of UK 82 Street Punk, and impressed the crowd with the raw and in your face music and attitude.

Los Angeles’ Revolt & DestrOi! played second, and carried along their Street Punk influences over to Costa Mesa. The band played Punk that combined Hardcore hints into their music, and showcased an impressive performance that members of the audience really enjoyed. Similar to Pogo Brats in lyrical content, Revolt & DestrOi! possessed songs that narrated life in the big city and circumstances of the city streets. The band’s performance was exciting for the crowd, and many agreed that this is a band worth seeing again.

After the LA bands played and did their thing, Knocked Out Cold represented Orange County by demonstrating their own talents and Punk Rock tunes. The band played a set that moved the kids and got the crowd to showcase their own performances around the floor and even alongside vocalist Jesse Ransom. The band even managed to incorporate a skank worthy song that caused a couple of the people at the show to start a skanking circle. The band’s performance was fun to watch and partake in, and one huge shout out to the Orange County scene.

Thought Process played after and like always, demonstrated their skilled talents and efforts throughout their performance. The band had heads in the audience nodding along and moving along to the beat, and though there was no circle pit, the crowd remained in the building to enjoy the hardcore influences of the band. Thought Process’ set was once again insightful, and not worth missing at all.
Poop came next and almost stole the show with their loud aggressive music and ever so enigmatic guitarist Rikk Agnew, who most people seemed to overlook at first. The small venue seemed to get crowded pretty fast during the band’s set, and once people realized that Rikk Agnew was on guitar, most were anxious to see exactly what the band had in store for us. Poop played songs that varied from one another, and provided a set that was intricate and complex in their musical stylings.

The crowd was anxiously waiting for One Way System to take the floor, and the wait was long and almost difficult to endure. The audience attempted to maintain their anticipation by running up to the microphone several times to give shout outs, yell out their hometown name, or just to mess around and say a joke. While it was a fun mediation between the crowd’s anxious wait and One Way System’s performance, the only concern still being imposed was the overall expectation of the band’s arrival.

One Way SystemWhen the members of the band took their place, no one could contain their excitement, and the venue was ready to pop out. The first half of the band’s set was massively enriched with energy and tremendous vigor on behalf of both the band and the audience. The circle pit was instantaneous and always packed, and kids all over were singing along to their songs. During the middle of the set, something went wrong with the P.A, and none of the microphones worked. True to the belief that "The show must go on", the show continued despite problems with the P.A, and although the vocals could no longer be heard, the audience maintained their loyalty by providing just that. Throughout the rest of the set, the vocals for all of the songs were chanted and sung in unison by the audience, and it was completely endearing to observe. Near the end of the set, the band played crowd favorites "Jerusalem" and "Give Us A Future", which the audience sang fiercely and with force. The band played until the end, and gave the kids all of their time and energy, even with the outage of the P.A. After the band played their set, band members stayed to sign merch and take pictures with the crowd, and showed their gratitude and humility, which gives One Way System fans all the more reason to love and enjoy them.

Piratical Productions have once again succeeded in bringing the youth good times and great memories, and the One Way System show at Shiver’s was insane and over the top. If you missed the Sunday show because of school or work the next day, it’s a shame you couldn’t make an exception, because the show was an enjoyment from beginning to end. The line-up was perfect for the type of energetic Punk Rock that a band like One Way System brings, and each band performed their best and did a great job capturing the audience’s attention. Forget Fox’s Sunday night line-up, this was a Sunday night line-up to blow you and your television set away, both at the same time.

-Stephanie M.-
Senior staff reporter