One Way System-Billyclub-Poop-The Last Gang at The Blue Star Cafe in Los Angeles, CA

One Way System was in town for their only Los Angeles appearance. It was 4 o’clock when I arrived at The Blue Star, which is hidden in the middle of an industrial area,  and Punks were already lined up in the front. Some had even arrived earlier at 2 o’clock guaranteeing their spot to get inside for only about 150 to 200 people were going to be let inside. No one seemed to mind  waiting for hours for we were all drinking, talking, smoking and having a good time. As soon as the last ray of the sun had disappeared, the blue neon lights of the Blue Star had turned on and the doors opened to the public.

Everyone was excited to go inside.  As you enter the Blue Star, you enter in their small but comfortable diner with it’s own Bar. Every adult hit the bar right away. Those unfortunate to not be 21 made their way outside to where the small stage was located. Yes, The Blue Star has an outdoor stage. People were relieved to know they weren’t going to be in a packed in a hot, humid room like sardines in a can. In the back of the place was a small grilling area. Those to have arrived early were treated to free Hamburgers and Free Hot dogs. Although it was free, donations were being asked and people pitched in as much as they could. People were very social, bands were talking with other bands. Paco, a fellow Punk I met that night,  came all the way from Switzerland to see One Way System play in Los Angeles.  Now that’s a diehard fan.

The Last Gang started the night off at The Blue Star. They’re a female fronted Punk Rock band from southern California. Gritty Punk rock with a pinch of pop can best describe their sound. The Crowd was small but everybody enjoyed their sound. They were able to get the crowd up and going with a small pit.

 Poop, which features Rikk Agnew from the adolescents, was on after The Last Gang. Not too many people were at the Blue Star yet. Those were who were there looked very pleased by Poop’s performance. They’re a great band with a great  Punk rock sound.

Billy Club was next and people were coming in numbers .As soon as their set began, the incoming crowd filled up the empty space around the stage. Their Hardcore, Punk rock sound got the crowd to jump into the pit. The audience loved their performance and Billy Club did a marvelous job warming up the crowd for the final performance of the night.

One Way System photo

One Way System came up to the stage and started setting up. Immediately people began to shout out song requests. As soon as they played their first note, the crowd immediately erupted into a chaotic pit. It was pure chaos. People were having the time of their lives singing along and hitting anyone who stood in their way.  Jerusalem, No Return, Stab the Judge, Give us a future, and Jackie Was a Junkie, and many others were played that night.

I feel sorry for anyone who missed this show. It was a treat to have an iconic Punk band return to Los Angeles and play the songs we all grew up listening as young Punks.  If you did miss them then you have another chance to see them for they will be in riverside on the 18th and in Santa Ana on the 19th of April.

-Rob Nuisance-
Big Wheel Music Scene Reporter